Zaragoza. Year 1537. Miguel de Terradas workshop inventory. Courtesy of the colegio Notarial de Aragón.


Your training options:

1. Purchase a course

Soon you will be able to purchase a course in digital format among the following (currently under preparation).


Plucked instrument-making fundamentals.

Bowed instrument-m aking fundamentals.

Jigs, tools, templates & technical drawings.

Tonewood fundamentals.

Other related materials.



Carved decoration techniques.

Inlay decoration techniques.


Other decorative techniques.

Protective grounds.

Oil varnish.

French polishing.

Plucked instruments fittings.

Bowed instruments fittings.

Care and maintenance of stringed instruments.

Stringed instruments restoration.


Classical guitar making

Baroque guitar making

Vihuela de mano making

Lute making

Vihuela de arco making

Violin family instruments making

Viol family instruments making

In these courses you will find all the necessary not only to build your own instrument, but to learn from the fundamentals to the more advanced techniques. The main idea behind this courses is to simplify the making processes requirements in order to allow proper training for students coming from different levels.

2. Purchase a course

At least once a year, usually during summertime, Pablo Soriano teaches a one or two weeks intensive course. In this course, you will be able to make an instrument of your choice. Info related to places and dates will be published on social networks. Stay tuned!

3. Individual online lesson

Choose a topic of your interest and arrange a virtual appointment with Pablo. During this sessions, Pablo will put all his knowledge at your disposal, bearing in mind your specific skills and equipment in order to find the best approach to overcome tour tasks. Contact Pablo(link).

4. Instrument-making school

Pablo is currently in the pathway to set up a stringed instrument making school in order to have a permanent placement for in person training. This is a long-term project, but all the progress will be published on social networks. Stay tuned!